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02 June 2006 @ 02:29 pm
Worst. Post. EVER.  
I'm in Comicbook Guy mode today, kids. So I decided, in my mission to pay way too much attention to detail, to squink real hard at the contents of Fenton's corkboard thing (and other things) to see what I could make out. Woo'hah?

Highlighted Bible passage:
Samuel 11:13
And Saul said, There shall not a man be put to death this day: for to day the LORD hath wrought salvation in Israel.

No idea how it applies, but hey. You figure it out, people who've actually read the Bible and not just learned everything they know about it from the streets.

List of victims, as far as I can tell from his crap handwriting (which I'm sure is that of a serial killer's-- I'll be checking up on that). You can also see their names earlier, on Doyle's board-thing. Printed. Boldly. But not clearly.

Jenifer Pinist????
Mi[s/c]hall ??skett
Clara Jhon??n
Phillip Van D??n
Darius Beck (I thought it said "Doris"-- horrible, horrible handwriting)
Donna Linsky (Depite it clearly being spelled LANDRY elsewhere)
Wesley Doyle (Which, by-the-by, can be seen before Adam supposedly writes it there)

Either he likes to go after people with weird names, or he just doesn't know how to spell "Jennifer". None of these people are cast or crew members, which is kinda disappointing, but whatev'. 'Cause that would'a been awesome.

He's got locks of hair on there. Ew. And apparently at one point he killed a redhead who wore a pink flower clip-thing. Sounds more like a little girl thing, not the 20+ year olds he killed. But I suppose in 22 years he had to of killed more than 7 people. Seriously.

Ooh, ooh-- and you notice, on Doyle's collection of grisly photos, there's a woman in a pink dress (Jennifer?), but then there's also a woman in a B&W photo wearing a blouse and skirt. Clearly different people. And yet they only ever found one body? Hm. Another pointless fract: Fenton has a photo (like, photo-photo; not a newspaper cutout) of Jennifer holding what seems to be his note-- the same photo that Doyle has. Shouldn't I be out getting drunk and whoring myself like normal teenagers?

Still trying to find out if there's really a Meat, Texas. I don't doubt it because, well, it's Texas. They say it's fictional, but you never know. Takes place in Enid county.

-Still working on it!-
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