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20 May 2006 @ 10:54 am

Sad to say, but I think I like Fenton more than Brent Hanley does, if the one part of his commentary that I listened to is any indication.

Being a demon means anything bad that happens to you (including horrible acts of child abuse that probably had your mother spinning in her grave) is moot! Because you suck! I mean, he's not a victim, how? It's not like chose to be a demon, man. <- (Making a button out of that) Not to mention everything he did up to or including the point where he killed his father was because he thought he was doing the right thing. I doubt there was anything he could've done to make himself see the visions.

And now I'm told that "Bitch, you were right before" and that Fenton BECAME a demon. How? He says it was BEFORE he killed his father, which doesn't make much sense because Dad touches him and apparently sees nothing. So you don't have to commit any sins to become a demon? And still, you're not a victim?

And don't even get me started on his whole "Dad is infallible/everything bad that happens is Fenton's fault" deal. Bitch, plz. He so did not MAKE him kill that guy. He put him in the situation, but he didn't make him do it. And he says it like his only reason for bringing the guy there was just to have him killed. <- (Hey, find another way to interpret the phrase "He manipulated the situation...") And then he starts babbling about the how clear the rules were and, wait-- didn't Fenton NOT believe any of this? Why the hell should he think the "rules" have any meaning?

Let's see... Dad is told to he has kill anyone who is told. He does. Dad is told to he has to kill Fenton. He doesn't. He was able to make a choice; no one, not even GOD, forced him to do it. Because if God isn't going to force you to kill a DEMON, I doubt He'd force you, like, physically force you to kill an innocent man.

Poor Fenton; not even your creator loves you.