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03 June 2006 @ 12:58 pm
I pity the fool.  
Hmm, I wonder. When Adam's doing yet another one of his monologues, when he and Doyle are at the Rose Garden, he's talking about how God told Dad to kill Fenton, but he couldn't do it and God didn't take pity on him.

So. I wonder. In failing to kill Fenton, did he, er, loose his insurance plan? Because God is supposed to be protecting him, and yet Brad White was able to break his ribs and Fenton, well. Obviously. And this was the first time he was ever injured on the, uh, job. Did he get fired or something?

Because if your boss wants you to go out and get him something from a fancy eatery-type place, and you come back with a McRib (Bad pun!), you're gonna be in trouble. Especially if your boss is a sadistic bastard like Frailty-verse God is. And He is! He could have EASILY had another demon slayer come in and take care of Fenton, and yet he expected this real nice kind of guy to be able to kill and dismember his own son. Honestly. And really, it's not like he would have had the motive to do it, unlike with the other demons who had actually committed crimes he could see.

Anyway, I noticed this here thing. I am so pathetic.
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