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17 August 2006 @ 10:02 am

Crazy OOCness, totally G-rated but may still kill you.

Haha, what? Yes, it's long. I like to hear myself... type... words. Yes.

My second ever attempt at Frailty fanart. Not sure if it was completely successful, mostly because I STILL didn't use much reference for his face. I think it's the nose-- definitely not right.

But the rest? The rest I like. For once, I got out a mirror and actually tried to get the anatomy right. So I guess you could call this a pseudo-life drawing. O_o

And I still love how markers look on this paper. Vellum, I think. The markers tend to smudge the ink, but fortunately I'd imagine he's supposed to be rather... dirty. And pale. And really, just smelling of DEATH. Man's got 6+ (oh, you know he managed more than THAT in 22 years) corpses sittin' in his basement; what else would he smell like? Roses?

Well, yeah. I guess he would, right?

Ah, right. I guess this needs a little explaining, right? Basically, I'm just off-handedly (that should not be a word) making fun of Brent Hanley (the writer). To the best of my recollection, he spends the greater portion of his commentary saying just that. Okay, maybe just a teeny exaggeration on the way he says it. Really, that's more like MY accent. DEE-MUUUUUUHN.

Anyway, so he also mentions how if the demons had horns and tails and that, no one would have a problem with them getting chopped up (oh, I still would; go look at some of my characters). Well, in an ever-so-rare moment of complete insanity (plus a bit of an Invader Zim reference; Gaz does the same thing at one point) I got the mental picture of Fenton acting like he had horns and just... wiggling his fingers near his head like that. Horrible. Not terribly in character, I'd imagine, but who can really say otherwise, what with his 5 minutes of not-a-12-year-old screen time and all. This is my "cynical jackass" version of Fenton, I guess. Wherein he spends his time making fun of Adam's job and writting mean-spirited letters to the editor.

You know, as opposed to the "angsty loony" Fenton. Wherein he spends his time drinking booze straight from the bottle while calling Adam up at 3AM, sobbing like a little girl about how his life is a lie. Eh, either one's pretty damn crazy, anyway. As long as he's crazy, it's all good.

Meanwhile, this may be one of my most coherent descriptions ever. Seriously-- go read the (780 word, 3 off from irony) one I did for this one. Crazy.

And, oh hell, while I'm at it I might as well just post the one I talked about a while back, but never linked to. I no longer have any shame!

PG-13, I guess. Blood and that. If by some chance you've never seen the movie (WHY ARE YOU HERE THEN?), and thus, don't know the characters, then this may not scar you too much. Unless you find men hugging to be disturbing.

But if you have, uh. Fair warning.

YA RLY. There are just SO many things wrong with it and did I mention that I didn't use any reference? Bad idea. And the inking is messy. And I tried a new coloring style. That sucks. And the background-- I kinda like it but still. Meh. It's supposed to be when Adam, er, takes him to the Rose Garden, by the way. Can I ever not giggle at that line? Am I the only one that finds something to giggle about? Yes, I cheated with his tatoo. Yes, he has one, but you can barely see it here. I just said screw that, and gave him a big gash on his arm. I suck.

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Li Mei Xingezqiinah on August 17th, 2006 06:28 pm (UTC)
OMGsomethingliving! O_O

Er, thank you! ^^;